2.5 LB Bulk: Brazil - Doctor B: Fazenda Sertãozinho

  • Viennese Roast: rich and sweet.
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Doctor B - Pure Yellow Bourbon 2016 
Rich, deep chocolate and roasted cacao with tart and lively hints of stone fruit, Brazil nut, sugar cane and honeysuckle, complimented by a satiny mouth feel -a pleasant long finish.
Absolutely fantastic in any preparation, as an espresso the nuances come to life, including a deep floral nuttiness not present in other methods.

Founded in 1895, Fazenda Sertãozinhos coffees have been served at the Vatican and have been a consistent finalist in Cup Of Excellence, Aldir Alves Teixeira and Illy Coffee Quality competitions. This very special farm was converted to organic,  regnerative methods in 2000 as a demonstration of the third generation owner, the innovative Dr. Alberto Barretto's, personal commitment to environmental preservation and Biodynamic practices. The farm carries on producing a single , very limited crop of consistently first class coffee that ranks among our all time house favorites.
We are especially proud to offer you this rare gem of a coffee.

100% Pure Heirloom, Yellow Bourbon Arabica
Dry and Pulped Natural Process - Regnerative and organically farmed
Northern Italian (Medium) Roast

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