2.5 LB Bulk: Conquering Lion Espresso

  • Espresso - Northern Italian Light Roast: smooth as silk
  • Fair Trade Certified: Transfair USA
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Apricot, lemon and spicy orange blossom with a smooth milk chocolate finish Big nose full body from the homeland of all Arabica Coffees- one of the world's finest beans.

Oromia Farmers Cooperative Union is a famed and highly respected for growing and processing the world's finest and most consistently excellent eco-friendly, farmer-friendly Yirgacheffe coffees, and as an exemplary Fair Trade Union. Our lots are the best of the OCFCU crop. A large group of Oromia coffee growers (whose ancestors discovered Arabica coffee!) from Yirgacheffe are members of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU), founded in 1999. OCFCU is a union of 24 smaller cooperatives benefiting 22,700 small holder farmer families. The OCFCU is featured in the award winning documentary BLACK GOLD.

100% Heirloom, Shade Grown Yirgacheffe Arabica
Wet Processed, Sun Dried
Strictly Hard Bean
Fair Trade Certified

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