2.5 LB Bulk: El Salvador - EL CHINGO BOURBON SELECT 2016

  • Full City Roast: full bodied and bright
  • Fair Trade Certified: Transfair USA
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Sweet, juicy and complex -honeyed coffee layers with notes of pecan, key lime, papaya and sugar cane. 

Monte Verde Ciprese is a fifth generation family farm on the rainforest slopes of El Chingo Volcan in Santa Ana,  this fine old Pure Heirloom Bourbon is shade grown at 4500 feet above sea level and only 93 KM from San Salvador.  This small farm is not Certified. 

100% Heirloom Shade Grown Pure Red & Yellow Bourbon Arabica
Fully Washed,  Sun Dried
Strictly Hard Bean
Full City Roast

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