2.5 LB Bulk: Papua New Guinea - Purosa 2016

  • Viennese Roast: rich and chocolatey
  • Fair Trade Certified: Transfair USA
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Very rich and chocolaty, filled with apricots, nuts and berries. A sweet, clean cup with piquant acidity and a creamy body and bold, vibrant aroma. Similar to Jamaica Blue Mountain but richer and just a bit more exotic.

Papua New Guinea is an island of spectacular scenery and culture. The abundant rainfall and rich volcanic soil provide ideal growing conditions for Shade Grown coffee. The original PNG cultivars were heirloom Jamaica Blue Mountain trees. Shade Coffee is the only cash crop for our growers. Highlands Orga nic Agriculture Cooperative Ltd is made up of 12,000 families who tend their small coffee plots and process beans at their village mill. As demand for their exquisite coffee grows, it is expected that over 5000 more growers will join in the next few years.

100% Heirloom, Shade Grown Typica, Arusha and Mondo Novo Arabica
European Preparation, Sun Dried
Strictly Hard Bean
Fair Trade Certified
Highlands Organic Agriculture Coop (HOAC), Okapa
Viennese Roast

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