Ethiopia - Harrar GQ1 2016

Ethiopia - Harrar GQ1 2016
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  • Viennese Roast: bold and rich
  • Fair Trade Certified: Transfair USA
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Wild, rich and fruity forest grown coffee. Very sweet and heavy bodied, with strong dark fruit and deep chocolate flavor, just a bit earthy with a sweet aroma of blueberries and lemon infused in port wine. 

Ethiopia is the homeland of all Arabica coffee. Harrar is a region located within the South Eastern Highlands. A Coop group of small holder Oromo farmers from Mesela region grow and process this delicious Harrar of the Highest quality.  

100% Pure Heirloom Forest Shade Grown Harrar Arabica 
Natural Dry Process
ECX Certified 
Viennese Roast

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