Mexico - Terruño Nayarita Reserva 2016

  • Full City Roast: full bodied and bright
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Honey sweet, with surprising orange blossom aromatics, snappy acidity and lively toasted nut and smoky dark chocolate tones. Similar to Kenya AA varieties but with even more body.

The Spanish word Terruño, means "my land" or "homestead". Terruño Nayarita coffees come from heirloom trees on the homesteads of the 260 small holder coffee farmers working together with legendary Q cupper and innovator Jim Koslos in Nayarit, Mexico. Nearly all of these cooperative growers are clustered around an extinct volcano, Cerro San Juan, located immediately to the west of Tepic, the capital of Nayarit, which imparts its special characteristics of soil type and microclimate to the bright, floral and citrusy coffee, arguably the finest coffee from Mexico at this time. 

100 % Heirloom, Shade Grown Malinal Arabica
Wet Process, Sun Drying
Full City Roast

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